🚨 Do you think the players that have moved to Saudi Arabia will still have a place in their national teams?


Many superstars have left for Saudi Arabian teams this summer to take advantage of the country’s rich salary caps and television deals. After Manchester United terminated Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract, he departed Europe for the Middle East. There, he signed a massive contract with Al-Nassr.

This has led to many other big name players departing their European clubs for the Saudi pro league.

Do you think this move will stop them from representing their countries at the International stage? :thinking:

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The decision to move to Saudi Arabia may impact a player’s standing in their national team. The decision to include players who have moved to Saudi Arabia in their national teams lies with the respective national team managers and selectors.

The Saudi Pro League is not as competitive as some of the top European leagues, and players may face criticism for moving to a country with a poor human rights record. The national team selectors will consider various factors, including the player’s performance, the level of competition in the Saudi Pro League, and any potential backlash or controversy surrounding the move.


Yes of course, well it depends on there performance in each team in the saudi arabia league, but once you are good you are good.
They will surely have there place in the national team