Do You Think Rishabh Pant Will Be Able to Replace Ms Dhoni in All Three Formats?


Yeah. For sure. I am not a big dhoni fan and even though he has earned a lot in the Indian Jersey, he is way past his prime now. Complete Indian team remains in his shadow. If there is anything good with the team, msd gets all the credits and if something goes wrong a large number of dhoni supporters appear out of no where to support the former captain. I think it’s time for dhoni to stop being selfish and just follow the exit door. I don’t know if it would be rishabh pant or ishan kishan or sanju Samson. But I am 100% sure someone will replace him easily if he just goes away.


Well, I don’t agree. MS Dhoni may not be in his prime form but he still is the best.

Indian team has a plethora of wicketkeepers in Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik, K L Rahul, Ishan Kishan, or at least dozen more potential playing in IPL and India A Team. It’s up to the team how they gain from Dhoni’s experience both as a wicket-keeper as well as captain who is counted among the best captains of this era.

I think the best way is to transition these players into the role across different formats. No one is here to play forever but it’s up to the team how they benefit from Dhoni’s experience and carry the torch forward.


Definitely, Rishab Pant would be the first hand replacement when Dhoni plans to retires. As of now, what’s making these Dhoni haters flash the retirement issue in the media is because their own captain has been a choker when it comes to ICC tournaments. Or when it has mattered the most.

As a middle-order batsman or a WicketKeeper Dhoni is totally dependable n trustworthy. Virat is graceful enough to accept that Dhoni’s understanding of game is an advantage for the team.One can see that a lot of cricket is still left in Him . Why even talk about his retirement now?


Definitely. He is one of the best keepers of current lot. On top of it, He is also one of the best of young batsmen. He has also proved his mettle in all formats.

Alternates available right now are not good enough in all formats. They also don’t match Pant in any single formats either. Only credible test alternative is K S Bharat.

Pant is a rare talent which should be nurtured properly. He should be given a long rope in all formats.


Better use good words for the Indian team Legend rather than saying selfish
If he is really selfish then he wouldn’t have Sacrificed his batting posting for others .
He Have done many such things selflessly.U better Give him some respect or else keep calm :+1:


Which Batting position did he sacrifice to be precise?

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i would try a combo of Pant and Samson. Ishan Kishan in t-20 atleast for one year


There’ll be many options for the selectors to experiment when Dhoni decides to retire. But the world cricket will never find someone like Dhoni. His replacement does not exist.