🤔 Do you think it’s time for India to Sack Igor Stimac?


The India Football Team faced a narrow 1-0 defeat in the crucial India vs Syria game, resulting in their exit from the AFC Asian Cup 2023. With consecutive losses against Australia and Uzbekistan, Sunil Chhetri and his team ended the campaign at the group’s bottom.

Disappointed Indian Football fans expressed their discontent on social media, calling for Igor Stimac’s immediate dismissal.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Should Igor Stimac be sacked or given more time? :thinking:


The Indian National team hasn’t really made much of a progress under Stimac in my opinion. Their recent exit from the Asian Cup is a sackable offence on its own. 0 goals scored, 0 games won and 6 goals conceded in a major tournament is simply unacceptable. India should be looking to move on from him and bring in a better manager.


I don’t know what else people are expecting with sacking a manager as if pep Guardiola gonna save India. A new manager still needs to work with the same bunch of players so nothing gonna change . Start putting pressure on AIFF first to increase competition in leagues and organise more friendly matches to prepare the team for important tournaments and create cohesion within the team. Stimac is not the problem.


Stimac’s biased favoritism towards selection has cost the team. Team’s poor performance in recent tournaments, including the AFC Asian Cup, where they failed to score a single goal and register a single point is a matter of shame. Stimac’s actions have also cast doubt on his tactical judgment and ability to evaluate players based on merit, which has eroded player trust and confidence. Additionally, there are concerns about the team’s lack of tactical vision and basic play against big teams.

Stimac’s contract runs through 2026, and sacking him during a 2-year contract might be more financially feasible than during a 4-year contract. So, time to sack him.