Do you agree with Alan Shearer's 2018-19 Premier League Team of the Season?

Do you agree? If not, who is missing and should have been there?


Why no Mo Salah? Salah instead of Sterling and Alisson Becker instead of Ederson.


I started to love football because of you AS. I always adore Alan Shearer but that doesn’t mean you are right when you pick Ederson instead of Allison. Who won the golden glove and the golden boot?! I’m just asking out of curiosity…


No Salah wow! What about Fabiansky? no doubt he’s kept West Ham from some
embarrassing results. Also no place for Alexander Arnold? The best right-back in Europe for many at the moment.

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This team cannot win the Premier league. I doubt they will even finish in the top 4. Way too top friendly, no defense minded players. I mean what is the use of playing 3 attack minded midfield players in a 4-3-3 formation? Who is gonna defend? This is a fantasy team for sure