Do you agree that the Euros 2024 tournament has been boring to watch? 🤔


The Euro 2024 tournament has reached the semifinal stage, and the excitement is building!

But, opinions are still divided on the overall excitement level of the tournament. Some fans are thrilled by the tactical battles and intense matches, while others are disappointed by the lack of goals and drama.

Where do you stand? Do you think Euro 2024 has been a thrilling ride, or a disappointing slog?

Join the discussion and share your thoughts! Have the semifinals rekindled your excitement, or is the tournament still failing to impress?


To some extent I agree with this notion. We only witnessed a proper end to end game of football with a big score line in the first round of fixtures, teams has been more conservative since then, especially top teams like France and England. It’s not been 100% an exciting tournament for me.


A mixed opinion. While some matches especially in Round 16 may have been lackluster, the tournament has still produced exciting moments and competitive games.

The quarter-finals spiced up the games a bit. Spain vs Germany was a nail-biting match - my favorite, equivalent to the finals match. I think it was unlucky for the best teams to be paired in quarter finals. Germany deserved to be in the finals.


France’s pragmatic approach has drawn some criticism for being “boring”, but manager Didier Deschamps has dismissed these claims, saying people who are bored can “watch another game”. France has reached the semi-finals without conceding a goal from open play, relying on own goals and a penalty.

Spain, on the other hand, has been in scintillating form, winning all their matches and scoring the most goals in the tournament. Their semi-final clash against France promises to be an intense battle between two European giants.

While some matches may have lacked excitement, the overall quality of the football and the competitive nature of the games is still high.


Underwhelming & boring!
So many draws and terrible matches. Every team was just aiming to get through the group stage, they weren’t playing to win.