⚽ “Did You Know” Unusual & Weird Football Facts That Are Totally Mind-Blowing!

:rotating_light:DID YOU KNOW: During a trip to South Sudan, a war photographer Jan Grarup found a kid wearing a devastated Milan jersey with precarious repairs. :flushed:

The photographer was a Milan fan, and asked the boy to swap his old jersey for a new one. Then, he donated it to the club and Milan sent a huge donation to UNICEF in support of the children of South Sudan. :clap:

This is how the shirt looks at Mondo Milan museum at Casa Milan. :exploding_head:



Did you know? Cristiano Ronaldo played for Sporting Lisbon’s u16, u18, u19, u21, B team and the first team all in one season.

The only player in the club’s history to do so! :portugal:


Patrice Evra:

“One day we were tired after a Manchester United game. So we decided not to sign autographs and get on the bus directly. Then suddenly we saw Ferguson signing autographs to the fans for 45 minutes. He then got on the bus and yelled at us: “Who do you think you are? These people pay your salary. These people are coming to see you. Now go f*cking sign them.”

We had to sign an autograph to all the fans.”

What a man Fergie was. :clap:t2:


Gaël Givet:

“In 2010 with Blackburn, we were going to play Man Utd. During the talk, Sam Allardyce showed us images from the films Gladiator and 300 to motivate us and to make us warriors on the pitch. After 30 minutes, we were down 3-0. In the end, we lost 7-1.”



An 11-year-old fan turned up at Argentina’s training base in Ezeiza clutching a hand-made sign. Written in Spanish, the sign held by the young fan read, “Messi, forgive my mother, she didn’t know what she was doing, SHE CALLED ME CRISTIANO.”

He was pleading forgiveness from Messi because his mother had decided to name him after his football idol’s long time rival Cristiano Ronaldo.


China bans their players to get tattoos⁉️

In Chinese culture, in the past tattoos were used to brand criminals and it still has links to organised crime groups in East Asia. In ethnic groups were seen as a mark of the uncivilised.

Tattoos are disapproved of by China’s ruling Communist Party, but are becoming more and more popular among the Chinese youth.

Last December, a women’s university football match in China had to be called off after players were told they were not allowed to have dyed hair. At that time, the National Youth Campus Football League (The match organisers) said: “Athletes at all stages shall not have tattoos, dye their hair, wear weird hairstyles, or wear any accessories, otherwise they will be ineligible for the competition.”


Did you know that Toni Kroos’ pass accuracy has never dropped below 92% in the Champions League or La Liga since joining Real Madrid:

◉ 2014/15: 95%
◉ 2015/16: 95%
◉ 2016/17: 93%
◉ 2017/18: 94%
◉ 2018/19: 94%
◉ 2019/20: 94%
◉ 2020/21: 93%
◉ 2021/22: 96%

◉ 2014/15: 92%
◉ 2015/16: 94%
◉ 2016/17: 92%
◉ 2017/18: 93%
◉ 2018/19: 93%
◉ 2019/20: 94%
◉ 2020/21: 94%
◉ 2021/22: 95%


Messi was first given a bracelet by journalist Rama Pantarotto after missing a penalty in Argentina’s 1-1 draw with Iceland in June 2018. The footballing legend kept it, wearing it around his ankle.When Messi and Pantarotto met again after a month, Pantarotto was shocked to see that he was still wearing it.

The lucky charm had belonged to Pantarotto’s mum but Messi gifted it to Coutinho, who was struggling for form at Barca in 2019.

To this date, the young Brazilian wears this lucky bracelet.