Did you know this? Unique, strange or even bizarre aspects of sports!

Here we all may share something unique, strange or even bizarre aspects of sports via text, image, meme, video etc.

I will start with this. :point_down:


Yellow card for removal of jersey - Referees hand out yellow cards to any player who breaks FIFA’s rule (from 2004) and removes their jersey to celebrate goals.


This guy is the reason players get yellow cards for taking off their jerseys


Football player Edgar Davids wear glasses while playing on the pitch.


In Tennis, Your Hat Can’t Drop!

According to the ITF’s Hinderance rule, if a player’s hat falls off during play or a ball falls from their pocket, their opponent can call to replay the point, even if they lost that point.



The Playoff Beard - One of the strangest traditions in the NHL

Once the Stanley Cup Playoffs start, players aren’t allowed to shave until their team is eliminated from the postseason. So every year you will see players in some awesome beards while few in wild beards. Even the fans sometimes get in on the beard-growing action.


Did you know that cricket can be played without bails?

Yes, it is allowed and within rules of cricket if umpire and captains agree in case of a heavy wind situation.

On June 9, 2017 when Afghanistan played against West Indies strong winds made it impossible for the bails to be placed on the stumps. Hence, the captains, along with the umpires, decided to do play without bails on stumps.


Denim is not allowed on the golf course by the PGA Tour.

Jeans, T-shirts or shirts with no collar and shorts (for men players) are also considered inappropriate.


Weird habits of footballers!
→ Why do footballers spit out their drinks?
→ Why do footballers shave their legs?
→ Why do footballers rip holes in their socks?


Serena Williams wears the same dirty socks for every match – unwashed – when she’s on a winning streak during the tournament.


Johan Cruyff and his legendary pre-match ritual

Before kick off of each game, the former Ajax legend would box his goalkeeper Gert Bals in the stomach, then he would walk across the pitch and spit his chewing gum out in the direction of the opposition team’s goal.

The one time he forgot his gum, it was too late - Ajax were thrashed 4-1 by AC Milan in the 1969 European Cup Final :scream:


Strange habits/obsession of Indian cricketers!

  1. Flamboyant Kris Srikanth used to snivel his nose and saunter towards the square leg umpire after facing each delivery!

  2. Mohinder Amarnath always carried a red handkerchief in his pocket. So did Viru & Dada.

  3. Sachin always put on his left pad first.

  4. Dravid always put his right foot first in the ground when he came in to bat.

There is also a interesting backstory to Kumble’s 10.

Sachin Tendulkar used to come running, take Kumble’s pullover and hand it to the umpire during the Delhi Test against Pakistan. Sachin believed that it would get Kumble a breakthrough.

Interestingly, every time Sachin took the sweater and gave it to the umpire, Kumble got a wicket!