⚽ Did you agree with this top 5 wingers of all time?

Dejan Kulusevski picks his top five Premier League wingers of all-time.

Agree with his selection? :thinking:


I respect his personal choice but Willian shouldn’t be anywhere near EPL best wingers list. He produced average numbers throughout his active years with Chelsea and couldn’t even live up to expectations at Arsenal.


Yeah you are right :100:


My own top five Premier League wingers of all time would be:

Cristiano Ronaldo
Eden Hazard
Mohammed Salah



I will put Ryan Giggs over Willian.


Agree! :100:

My top 5 wingers in Premier League history:

Ryan Giggs (Manchester United): Giggs is one of the best wingers in Premier League history. He won an incredible 13 Premier League titles with the Red Devils as well as two UEFA Champions League titles.
Known for his speed and acceleration, Giggs featured as a left-winger. A versatile player, he was renowned for his playmaking ability. He was capable of beating players on the wing and crossing the ball or could also go for goal himself.

David Beckham (Manchester United, Real Madrid): Beckham is arguably one of the greatest footballers of all time and spent 11 years at Manchester United. Known for his magical right foot, Beckham was capable of the extraordinary. Usually lining up on the right side of midfield, Beckham could often be seen whipping his signature inswinging crosses into the box.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United): The Portuguese legend’s first stint at Manchester United from 2003 to 2009, Ronaldo was an all-out winger and built his reputation as one of the GOATs in world football.
Known for his tricky dribbling and long-range accuracy, Ronaldo was a menace to defenders on the wing. He was capable of turning them inside-out, while also being able to find teammates with crosses if required.

Robert Pires (Arsenal): Pires is widely considered as one of the best wingers in Premier League history, with impressive numbers during his time at Arsenal. Pires was capable of operating as a winger as well as an attacking midfielder. Usually lining up on the left side of the midfield, Pires was well-known for his dribbling ability and eye for goal.

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): Salah has been a force in the Premier League, with his quick/tricky dribbling skills and long-range accuracy, making him a menace to the opposition defense.


Agree with your top 5 wingers :fire:

The top wingers of all time have significantly influenced modern soccer tactics, particularly in terms of attacking play and the role of wingers in the game. Some of the key ways they have impacted modern soccer tactics include:

  • Increased focus on dribbling and individual skills: Wingers like Garrincha, George Best, and Ryan Giggs were known for their exceptional dribbling abilities, which have inspired modern wingers to focus on mastering their ball control and dribbling skills.

  • Improved crossing abilities: Traditionally, wingers were relied upon to deliver accurate crosses into the box for center forwards. The wingers of today, influenced by players like David Beckham and Luis Figo, have further refined their crossing abilities, providing precise and accurate passes to unlock defenses.

  • Inverted wingers: The concept of inverted wingers, which originated from the play of players like Gareth Bale and David Silva, has become more prevalent in modern soccer tactics. These players operate from the opposite flank than traditionally expected, allowing them to cut inside and create opportunities for themselves or their teammates.

  • Versatility in attacking play: Modern wingers, influenced by players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard, are often more versatile and dynamic in their playing style. They are involved in build-up play, providing through balls or key passes for their teammates, and can also contribute to the team’s defensive efforts.