🤔 Did Lionel Messi signing improve PSG?


Lionel Messi has improved his goals and assists output in his second season at PSG , but he has not been able to inspire them beyond the round of 16 in the Champions League or bring them closer together as a team.

Coupled with the recent reactions from the PSG fans which lead to Messi being booed off the pitch in a Ligue 1 fixture. It remains unclear if Messi joining PSG has been a significant success so far.

What are your thoughts on this?


My thoughts on this…

Psg isn’t winning anything until they get better midfielders and defenders, so keeping Messi or not it won’t matter until they improve those areas. Lionel Messi has had a good impact on the team since he joined but the quality of the squad needs to be strengthened for them to actually compete.


Former PSG midfielder Eric Rabesandratana has said that Lionel Messi does not fit into the Parisians’ project. The Ligue 1 champions need a different profile of players in order to succeed in the Champions League.

The France Bleu Paris pundit recognizes the importance of Messi but feels that a different profile of players is needed as the project centers around Kylian Mbappé.

“You have to be careful when talking about Lionel Messi,” Rabesandratana said. “When you look at his statistics, it’s 65 matches for 29 goals and 31 assists. It is, therefore, decisive, as one might expect. He is within his standards. Now, at PSG, there is a project to win the Champions League. So, we observe more carefully these kinds of matches rather than a PSG-Rennes.

“At this level, we can therefore be disappointed with Lionel Messi. This is where we remain in our hunger. We do not feel great determination. We saw it with Argentina during the World Cup. Even though the whole team was playing for him, he was determined. We felt excitement. It’s a little better than his first year [in Paris], but it’s not enough. We expect a lot more from Lionel Messi, apart from his statistics. An extension? QSI wants to extend it. But I think he is not part of the PSG project. We need more determined players.”


We can see clearly that Lionel had a positive impact in the PSG team, both in playing style and a well behaved professional footballer. Many times Lionel messi had helped PSG won several games at the league, so for me messi really helped PSG, and also improve the team as a whole.