Despite being a popular sport in India, why does Volleyball still remain a neglected sport?

Almost all the sports are played in India. You will find players from every sports in India. Yet some sports are always in limelight whereas some are neglected. Then come some sports which are highly popular yet neglected such as cycling volleyball etc etc. For me one such sport which is highly neglected by the government is that of volleyball. I somehow never got why even after being so popular in India it was never promoted to the level that it could have been. What are your views on this? Let’s discuss.


Exactly. Volleyball is such an amazing sport and if you look at the ground level Indian schools and colleges generally have volleyball courts if not anything else. But somehow we don’t see much attention being given to this sport.

You’ve taken this topic at the very right time. The India U-23 team created history today as they beat Pakistan to progress into the final of the Asian Volleyball Championships in Myanmar. This is the first time that the team has reached the final in the tournament’s history and they also qualify for the World Championship. India will now face Chinese Taipei but the sad part is there is no broadcast for this action. It will be live on Youtube. If anyone is interested I will post the link tomorrow.


Yes please post the link

Yup, Volleyball must be one of the most widely sport in India. Any Student Hostel would be incomplete without a Volleyball net.

But, it is played only as a leisure and time pass activity. Played very casually. You will hardly find anyone gunning to play it competitively.

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As pointed out by @Yogesh volleyball is generally played as a casual sport. Lack of prominent volleyball league in India has also probably limited the popularity of this game beyond a recreational sport. So maybe creating a league like Pro Kabaddi could kickstart the entire sports cycle of popularizing the sport on a bigger scale and enable career oriented commercial opportunities for players.

There is already a volleyball league. It was played in ahemdabad this year

Ok, then they need to work more on marketing because it definitely has not reached the masses! :grinning: