Champions League: Return of the English teams?


Been a while since we have had 4 English teams in the final eight of the Champions League.

Premier League teams have been playing catch up with Spanish and German teams for a while. Seems like they have finally caught on.

Which English side is most capable of winning the Champions League this season? Man City? Liverpool?


Yes, good to see 4 English teams in the CL final 8. I think Man City are capable to lift the CL Cup! They have played consistently in CL and PL, they have won 4/5 recent matches in CL and all 5 in PL.

Although Liverpool is also playing well and are 2nd on the table in PL, they have lost 3 and won 2 in CL and 3 won 2 draw in PL. The last time LP won was in 2005. Depending on the draw they stand a chance to advance to the semi finals.


the draw for the quarterfinals are out, its
Ajax Vs Juventus
Liverpool Vs Porto
Manchester City Vs Tottenham
Manchester Utd Vs Barcelona

So, the worst case scenario would see two teams in the semifinal namely Liverpool (I don’t see Porto defeating Liverpool) and Manchester City (they would be too difficult for Tottenham over the period of two legs). If Manchester United play with the same intensity that they showed against PSG in the second leg, we might even see them in the Semi FInal.
so, let’s take the worst case scenario as the case most probable, so Liverpool and Manchester City in the semifinals, Barcelona and Juventus opposition so with favorable draws it could be all English affair in the CL final.