Champions League Quarter & Semi-final draw announced - Who will win the 2020 UCL trophy?

The draw for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final were made from UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland today.

UEFA announced the remaining last-16 second-leg ties in the Champions League, halted in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All matches in the mini-tournament of knockout games, which will be single-leg fixtures, are set to take place in Lisbon, Portugal at either Sporting’s Estadio Jose Alvalade or Benfica’s Estadio da Luz between August 12-23.

Champions League knockout stage - key dates

  • Champions League last-16 second legs: August 7-8
  • Champions League quarter-finals: August 12-15 (Lisbon)
  • Champions League semi-finals: August 18-19 (Lisbon)
  • Champions League final: August 23 (Estadio da Luz, Lisbon)

Let’s follow the Champions League 2020 season here.

What are your predictions for the UCL 2020 Champions next month?:trophy:


Four last-16 ties remaining

  • Manchester City vs Real Madrid (2-1)
  • Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (3-0)
  • Barcelona vs Napoli (1-1)
  • Juventus vs Lyon (0-1)

Quarter-final draw in full

  • Real Madrid or Manchester City vs Lyon or Juventus
  • RB Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid
  • Napoli or Barcelona vs Chelsea or Bayern
  • Atalanta vs PSG

Semi-final draw

  • Real Madrid/ Manchester City or Lyon/Juventus vs Napoli/Barcelona or Chelsea /Bayern Munich
  • RB Leipzig or Atletico Madrid vs Atalanta or Paris Saint-Germain

Looks like a Bayern Vs PSG final if you look at the Draw…
2 Strong teams coming face to face in the final…
But, the beauty of UCL is that it doesn’t work that way…
Remember last year when Madrid got unexpectedly knocked by Ajax? Ajax also knocking out Juve? 2 title favorites gone… And when we thought Ajax will qualify easily against a bottling team like Spurs… Spurs surprised us and made the final by beating them in their own stadium…
Remember when PSG got knocked out by Man United? Or that incredible comeback of Liverpool when everyone were thinking of a UCL final between Ajax and Barca? Also remember how Bayern and Atletico were favorites to qualify against Pool and Juve in Round of 16 in 2nd leg and didn’t qualify (when Bayern had a Home Game in 2nd leg after a 0-0 draw at Anfield and Atletico had a good 2-0 lead after 1st leg?)
What I am trying to say is anything can happen in Champions League and that’s the beauty of Football…
Maybe there could also be more possible surprising scenarios

  1. City Vs Atletico final?
  2. Bayern Vs Atalanta?
  3. Real Madrid Vs PSG?
  4. Juventus Vs Atletico?
  5. Barca Vs PSG
    LOL, Bayern Vs PSG/Atletico look the most predictable fixture but, other possibilities would also be fun to watch :thinking::upside_down_face::ok_woman::joy: