Champions League 2019/20- Open Thread


The biggest competition in Europen football kicked off its group stage and there were some unpredictable results in the first fixture. Titleholders, Liverpool opened their campaign with a loss to the Serie A side Napoli with a 2-0 scoreline. A great match that saw attacks and only attacks from both side from the first minute.

Barcelona vs Dortmund- Messi returned to the field for his first game in the 2019 campaign but Dortmund dominated the match. It was just because of Ter Stegen that the scoreline remained 0-0 as he stopped Marco Reus’s penalty and few more dangerous shots.

Chelsea vs Valencia- Ross Barkley missed a penalty and that cost them a chance to draw the match as Valencia win 1-0 at Stamford Bridge.

Some great matches lined up today as well, as Real Madrid take on PSG and Atletico Madrid face Juventus. Will it be a Deja Vu from the last season or can we expect something big happening this Champions League?



I like the theory :sunglasses:


Since Real Madrid signed Thibaut Courtois, he has played 40 games for the club and conceded 56 goals.


Hey, can you share your thought process behind this bucket image for Courtois perfomance? :thinking: