Can Suresh Raina Be Our Perfect No.4 For T20 Format!

Can Suresh Raina Be Our Perfect No.4 For T20 Format!


While I am no expert to comment on this much debated “No. 4 spot” that Team India seems to be perpetually fixated upon, I am wondering why Suresh Raina cannot be given another chance to deliver.

Raina’s T20I performance : In 78 matches, he scored 1,604 runs at an average of 29.16 at a strike rate of 134.79, with a century and 5 fifties.

In his career, he has proved himself as an all-time leading IPL run scorer, one of the best fielders in Indian team and has given superb performance in ODI in his glory days.

If he can prove that he has regained his fitness level, then I think he deserves an opportunity to prove.

On a side note, I really liked his bold self-promotion for the No. 4 spot and his confidence to live up to the expectations. Way to go Raina! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


More important question is, Does current team management want him? :thinking: We know what happened to Yuvi when then team management didn’t want him!

More, Nowadays everybody is fixated with youth!


Raina should get a chance to show his talent.even he can ball when team needs…and as all know he is a great fielder also…


Raina is totally fit for the 4th position in indian team squad…
For those who contradict I’ve got stats.


Stats displays ur past performance/achievements.

But now he lacks form.

Frankly speaking his no.4 place in csk will be in doubt for the coming IPL.

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The management is now only focused on future prospects like Rishab Pant, Shreyas Iyer, Varun Shankar etc for the No.4 slot. This position has been the hindrance for Team India’s growth and the youngsters have failed to take up the responsibility and pressure.

Suresh Raina on the other hand was also given enough opportunities to prove himself. He was given a chance for a comeback against Sri Lanka and England but his inconsistency and perennial weakness against the short pitch balls kept him out from the 2019 World Cup. Coming to the fitness level, in the 2019 IPL, raina struggled with his bat and also on the field. Although he was expected to be one of the finest fielders in cricket he seemed to have lost the spark. Dhoni himself was not impressed by Raina’s approach.

But, as he has given out a statement yesterday the board should now think about giving Raina a comeback opportunity. He has the experience, he’s lot more than a pinch hitter and the World Cup winner knows when to rotate strikes and stand up for the team. Moreover the No.4 spot is ideal spot for Raina. He can also be an extra bowling option and his fielding abilities are also not hidden. He has few more years of cricket left in him and Virat Kohli and the Board should show confidence in him and back him by giving decent opportunities in the further tours.


This is Team India strategy for no.4.:smile:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I hope they really don’t use this