Can Liverpool still make it into the top four again this 2022/23 season?

Summing up Liverpool’s performance this season can only be described as not been the best they’ve always been in the last couple of years…right from the first match of the season up to this moment they’ve been struggling.

Real Madrid eliminating them from the Champions was the latest bad news for the Jurgen klopps men…
This season alone,they are out of the Carabao cup which was recently lifted by Manchester United and also out of the FA cup same as been eliminated from the Champions league.

Rating the chance of Liverpool making the top four this season I’d say 2/10 cause even with there next premier five matches to come is going to be a big test for them cause they are playing the current league leaders Arsena, also Chelsea and pep,s Manchester city too.
For me I really don’t think they can make the top four this season anymore.


◉ FA Cup 4th Round exit
◉ EFL Cup 4th Round exit
◉ UCL Round of 16 exit
◉ Premier League: :question:

Only 12 Premier League games left to try and ensure Liverpool fans are watching Champions League football next season :grimacing:


Liverpool currently sits at 6th place, 7 points off 4th place with two outstanding games. Making top 4 is still very achievable considering Liverpool is well known for turning up at the tale end of the season when there’s still something to fight for.