🤔 Can Jude Bellingham surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy at Real Madrid?

Jude Bellingham has made an instant impact to the start of his Real Madrid career, breaking some records in the process and has by some distance been the best signing of the summer so far.

Can he go on to surpass Ronaldo’s legacy and become Real Madrid’s Greatest ever player? :thinking:

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Big question but one reply😜, Of course No, ronaldo left an unbeatable legacy at Real Madrid, Jude can only try to beat it but for me it’s a NO.

But let’s hear from you guys too!!!


So far, he has been having a great time at Real Madrid and his performance seems to be going up all the time but to surpass Cristiano would be too much for him I think.


This is impossible in my honest opinion. No chance. Ronaldo’s records at Real Madrid are extraordinary, I don’t see any player coming close to them soon. Jude Bellingham is a great talent no doubt and would surely create his own legacy at the club. But no way he’s touching Cristiano Ronaldo.