Can Eden Hazard still make it at Real Madrid?

Real Madrid confirm that Eden Hazard has suffered psoas muscle injury which reports say could rule him out for 4-6 weeks.

Hazard made a 15-minute return to action at the weekend—his first football since January.

Eden Hazard has now missed 50 out of 86 games at Real Madrid due to a total of 11 injuries

Do you think he still has a future at Real Madrid? Are the Madrid Medical Team not managing Hazard very well or leaving Chelsea was just a wrong move for the Belgian Wizard…

Share your opinion on this…


Saturday: Eden Hazard plays 15 minutes for Real Madrid after returning from injury :back:

Monday: Real Madrid confirm Eden Hazard has picked up another muscle injury :face_with_head_bandage:

His bad luck continues :weary:


In seven seasons at Chelsea, Eden Hazard missed 198 days through injury

In a season-and-a-half at Real Madrid, Eden Hazard has missed 362 days through injury/illness…


Between 2009-2019, Eden Hazard was fouled 1030 times which is 233 more than any other player in the top 5 leagues.

He barely sustained any injuries at Chelsea… Can we blame the Real Madrid medical team?


Games missed by Hazard due to injury:

Lille: 0 (4 seasons)
At Chelsea: 21 (7 seasons)
At Real Madrid: 50 (1.5 seasons)

He is not an injury prone player by any means, despite all the horror tackles aimed at him. He is not being managed properly is the most likely explanation. The Madrid medical team needs to do better.


:ambulance: Location, Source, & Duration of every injury Hazard sustained since he arrived at Real Madrid.

He has been injured for a total of 320 days.