🤔 Both fit and at their best, who is the better right back between Reece James and Trent Alexander Arnold?

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While James is considered more well-rounded, Alexander-Arnold is known for revolutionising the play-making role of a right back with his exceptional ability to deliver precise crosses and set pieces.

In terms of statistics, Trent Alexander-Arnold has 14 goals and 58 assists in 234 appearances across all competitions, while Reece James has 14 goals and 22 assists in 179 appearances. Alexander-Arnold also boasts a larger trophy cabinet, including a Premier League title.


Both players are exceptionally talented but my choice is Trent Alexander.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is renowned for his exceptional crossing ability, vision, and creativity. He has been a key player for Liverpool FC, contributing significantly to their attacking play with his precise delivery from the right flank. His ability to pick out teammates with accurate crosses and set-piece deliveries has been a crucial aspect of Liverpool’s attacking strategy.

On the other hand, Reece James is known for his versatility, defensive solidity, and athleticism. He has impressed with his defensive awareness and physical presence, as well as his ability to contribute offensively when needed. James is also adept at delivering crosses and possesses a powerful shot from distance.


My verdict of Trent Alexander Arnold Vs Reece James

Playmaking - Trent
Passing - Trent
Shooting - Trent
Defending - Reece
Pace- Reece
Strength - Reece
Dribbling - Reece
Skills - Trent
Vision - Trent
Assists - Trent
Goals - Trent
Trophies - Trent

Winner Trent - 8 Reece -4


Trent Alexander-Arnold is known for his exceptional crossing ability, vision, and playmaking skills. He’s a key component of Liverpool’s attacking play and has been influential in their successes, including winning the Premier League and Champions League titles.

As a product of the Liverpool youth system, Alexander-Arnold made his senior debut in 2016 and eventually earned his spot in Jurgen Klopp’s starting XI from the 2017/18 campaign and beyond. Similarly, Reece James came through the Chelsea academy ranks and broke into the first team under Frank Lampard in the 2019/20 season following a season-long loan spell at Wigan Athletic. Ever since the appointment of Thomas Tuchel following Lampard’s sacking, Reece James’ rise to the top has been nothing short of meteoric.


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Reece James Under Tuchel

Reece James started to truly blossom under former Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel who utilised a three-back formation. Within Tuchel’s system, Reece James played as a right wingback that darts up and down the right flank. Without the same echelon of attackers as Liverpool, Chelsea’s attacking system invites James to roam into the opposition’s final third to help dictate goal-scoring opportunities. James’ freedom to get forward without the immediate worry of dropping back in line with his center backs places him in more attacking positions closer to the opponent’s goal than Alexander-Arnold. In other words, Reece James tends to have more threatening chances, which leads to more goals per 90’.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Under Klopp

In contrast to Tuchel, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp sets his team up in a four-back system with Alexander-Arnold at right fullback. During his time in the Liverpool academy, Alexander-Arnold was converted from a wide midfielder to his current position at right full back, which is heavily reflected in his excellent playmaking ability. Alexander-Arnold’s wide passing range as a deep-lying playmaker provides an extra dimension to Liverpool’s buildup by quickly breaking lines and inviting blistering forwards like Mohammed Salah to make runs in behind the opposition’s defense. Despite the luxury of playing alongside Virgil Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold’s responsibility to maintain disciplined defensive positioning to prevent counter attacks hinders him from enjoying the same freedom of darting forward into the opposition’s box that Reece James possesses. And while these right backs have similar total shots per game, Alexander-Arnold’s conservative attacking positioning in Liverpool’s system influences him to take shots from further out than James.

Reece James is a one-of-a-kind talent that is exceptional in both sides of the game. And while Trent may not be as well-rounded as Reece James, the former has truly revolutionised the play-making role of a right back. His ability to flawlessly pick out pin-point crosses makes him a serious threat on set pieces that Reece James cannot compare to. Apart from Alexander-Arnold’s one-of-a-kind offensive ability, critics scrutinise his defensive ability not being on par with James’ despite the gap between their defensive metrics being fairly minimal.