Barcelona have a chance to Relegate Espanyol

Barcelona have let Real Madrid take a 4 point lead and lift the la liga trophy. But tonight they host city rivals RCD Espanyol and have a chance to relegate them from the first division. The fixture is called the Derbi Barceloní and has a very bitter past.

This rivalry started in September 2008 at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuic.

With 20 minutes to go, the Boixos Nois shot flares towards the Espanyol fans and Pique , along with other players, celebrated one of the Barcelona goals with the supporters.That gesture outraged the home support and since then, he has found himself in the spotlight.

Pique has been their target since then and in the later derbies the fans turned toxic to a level where they abused Pique’s better half Shakira and kids with abusive banners.

Relegating Espanyol is a dream for all Barça fans and getting it done at Camp Nou will add more flavour to it. Though Barça’s chances of lifting the trophy are quite slim, the fact that Espanyol could themselves make sure their enemies lose out on this joy is a big reason for motivation for them too.


In a country like Spain where football is a way of life, the city of Barcelona is one of the hotspots for such intense footballing passion. This city has two main clubs, FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol. Their intense rivalry has spanned for around a century. Today, on 8th July 2020, the 172nd Derbi Barceloní will decide Espanyol’s fate. Quite surprising how RCD Espanyol have spent 84 seasons in the Primera Division out of 88, more than the likes of Valencia and Sevilla and are today on the lines of relegation.


Espanyol is currently on the 20th place in the La Liga table. Barcelona will no doubt dominate tonight. Espanyol can only pray for a miracle.





Barcelona vs Espanyol 2-2 (04 Jan 2020) - Last game played


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