#Ashes2019- Steve Smith The Best Test Batsman Ever

Our generation never saw Don Bradman but Steve Smith is of the same calibre. Six hundreds in his last 12 innings against England and becomes the first to score 500 plus in Ashes for three consecutive series.

He is into a whole new different zone where centuries are just a cakewalk. After the ball-tampering scandal, he’s evolved out to be a better player. The shots the calmness, everything is so pitch-perfect for a test batsman. Looks like it is #Ashes19- Steve Smith vs Ben Stokes. :smiley:


Now a days people are quick to label! People get carried away by a burst of brilliance. Everyday we see a new GOAT!

No doubt Steve & Kohli are best of current lot. But, Yes, GOAT is far away. A lean year and he will be back to mere mortals or A great year for Kohli and we will be putting the GOAT cap on him!

Not to take anything away from Steve, But, Let’s wait and See. Let’s not get Bradman, Hammond, Hobbs turning in their graves, Let Vivian, Sobers, Lara etc have peaceful sleep.:smile:


Has anyone in the cricket history ever been in such a peak form as Steve Smith as is now ?


Again a ton by Sir Steve Smith

Look at statistics it’s truely unbelievable!

(look at the average of 6 year span it’s better than Sir Bradman)


Truley World Best Test Cricketer… Coming back after 1 year, What an Excellent performance
Talent & continuous efforts are the most beautiful answer of all haters and rivals.

Ashes Would be proud of him…



Steve Smith recently attained the number one batsman spot in the ICC Test rankings and also became the Highest run-scorer in a test series of this century. Pure class. :star_struck:

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The century is still in it’s teens. It’s too early to talk about records of this century!

For most runs in a series he is joint twelfth with Sunny. And to just compare 12th position, Sunny did it on debut, in WI, against Llyods WI.


What i meant was the 21st Century. If you take the list out from history then

829 - Viv Richards in 1976

774 - Sunil Gavaskar in 1971 (debut!)

774 - Steve Smith in 2019

769 - Steve Smith in 2014/15

752 - Graham Gooch in 1990 (in 3 Tests!)


Yes, I also meant 21st century. Too early to talk about 21st century records! :grinning: Let’s wait at least 25-30 years to talk century records.

I wish i could agree more. Smith the goat, Kohli, Mbappe. All it takes is one good performance and you are a goat or the next sachin the next bradman and what not. And with one or two bad performance players get written off easily.

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