AFC Nations League?

Would you like AFC consider new competition similar to European Nations League, our very own AFC Nations League? It would be very interesting if this materialise as apart from the top AFC nations rest of them hardly plays any friendlies and even if they do organise them on FIFA sanctioned days they are hardly against any exciting opponents, to top it off there is no importance attached to the friendly… Please share your views on what you think.

Came across this interesting thread,


Agree @Jaden
AFC nations should have their own Nations League which will give the Asian countries opportunity to play and compete against better Asian football teams like Japan, Iran, Korea, Qatar before entering the World Cup and AFC Cup Qualifiers.


Friendly matches are meaningless.

Nations League in Europe is successful. FIFA should bring Nations League to Asia now. We need more international matches. We need to play and learn from better teams in Asia before we play with European, South American teams and dream of playing World Cup tournament.


@Jaden As much as I’ll love to agree with your suggestion, I still think a lot of things need to be put in place before FIFA can even consider such thing…Their local leagues need improvement, the quality of game play, the officiating, attracting quality players, putting the leagues on a global scale and attracting more viewers globally… When you compare the quality of game play in Europe, you’ll realize the Asians are still some way off getting close to that quality…