A Look at Chelsea's Financial Situation

A look at Chelsea’s financial situation as compared to last season: All numbers in Euros

Revenue from player sales-

Hazard 100m
Luiz 9m
Morata 56m
Pasalic 15m
Total 180m

Champions League Revenue-
Participation - 15.25m
Group stage performance - 10.5m
R16 qualifications - 9.5m
Stamford bridge gates - 7m
Co-efficient Money - 22.15m
Super Cup - 3.5m
Total 68m

Other income sources-
YoY additional prize money from PL - 5m
Loan fees - 3.8m
Wages saved from sales - 31m (Hazard Morata Luiz)
Wages saved from Loan - 10m (Drinkwater Zappacosta Kenedy)
Higuain loan termination - 7.5m
Future wage saving - 20m (Only Pedro Bats Emerson)
Player sales - 45m (Only Emerson Bats assumed)
Hazard add on - Upto 20m (winning la liga)**
Total other income ~140m

Total surplus from all three heads is 388m, which can go up significantly, with more player sales and Willian leaving (if).

Since Covid has led to no crowds, Chelsea lost approx 8m in gate revenue and assuming other losses, let the total loss be 20m.

Players bought in this period are Kovacic Ziyech Werner, at a combined cost of 135m.

So after deducting the same, they still have a surplus of approximately 240m, which can increase significantly, with more player sales.

This should mean, not only the current one, but even in subsequent windows, Chelsea will be a force to reckon with.

(Things to keep in mind)

We aren’t even talking about Roman’s purse right now.
Haven’t included the deal with 3 mobiles, as that is undisclosed.
Haven’t accounted for PL gates, loans of Moses Bakayoko etc which are same as last year

Chelase will be the powerhouse in the coming transfers and with Lampard’s mindset. I can see this club stepping up to be an untouchable unit. The post is just aappreciation for the board here, no other word.