Who is your favourite player and why?


So, I started watching cricket somewhere around 2001. Cricket was the most popular sport in India and sachin was most important player but what or who attracted the most me was not sachin but dada, our captain. He had that charisma which pulled me towards him and in him I found a hero. A person who I always wanted to be like. So which player had the same effect on you? And why?


MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid inarguably count among the best cricketers in the world. I admire them for not just their cricket contributions but also for their personality both on and off the field.


My favourite is Sehwag - one of the most agressive batsmen of all time. A jovial person also liked by fans for his funny tweets.


Rahul Dravid- The True Gentlemen Indian Cricket has ever produced. The patience, the humbleness he had during his time as a captain or even a young wicket keeper inspired many like me to play cricket and buy the Britannia bat. :sweat_smile:


Team India is a best team in the world
but no player is able to be my favourite,
but yup i hate many guys like Dhoni, Kohli and I Sharma :rage:


My first choice could be M.S dhoni but many of them put their wonderful view on him so let’s focus on my second most favourite cricketer the wall Rahul Dravid.


MSD for life :heart_eyes:
Virat Kohli can never match the level of MSD and achieve all the ICC Trophies as captain.


For me, Yuvi is my Favourite cricket player…Because he is one of the finest finisher in the world…Finishes most of the matches… best ever all rounder…


Kapil Dev who lifted the historic 1983 World Cup! He was the greatest fast-bowling allrounder.


Sachin Tendulkar was every boy’s dream idol growing up. I think Sachin left a great impact not only on Indian cricket but is also recognized among the greatest cricketers of all time.


Your fav player changes with each generation you know.

I started with Chika & Kapil, Then Kambli ( A dream turned sour), Ganguly, Yuvi, Sehvag, Gauti, MSD admirer turned Hater… Now seem to be a Pant admirer.

I also enjoyed watching Azhar & VVS play. Delight to watch.