Who is your favourite left hander?

So apparently yesterday was left handers day. I didn’t even know such a day existed but yes there is a left handers day. So in sports there have been a lot of left handers who have showcased there talent beyond imagination. I also left that especially in cricket left handers are always more attractive in their shot plays. So two question here, why are left handers more attractive during shot play?
Question 2: who is your favorite left hander? Mine in saurav ganguly and yuvraj singh and zaheer khan?


Huh! Cricket crazy people. If we are talking about left handers then one of the best player to have ever been born in world is a left footed player. His name is Lionel Messi. Though my favourite is Roberto carlos


My favourite cricketer - Shikhar Dhawan - left-handed opening batsman and an occasional right-arm bowler.


Adam Gilchrist


One of my favorites is Suresh Raina, who happens to be a left handed batsman. :grinning: A humble and likable personality who has had fair share of records in the cricket world and probable successor to Dhoni as CSK skipper.



@Jay @Saket1 if we leave out cricket then who is your favorite left hander


Kumar Sangakkara- image
Look at that cover drive.

Rafael Nadal-

That Topspin.
Conor Mcgregor- image That left jab


I like to watch left handed badminton champs Lin Dan and Carolina Marin.

Chinese badminton player Lin Dan is a two-time Olympic champion, five-time World champion, four-time Asian Games champion and the list goes on. His trickshots, drops, placement, rallies are so deceptive and exceptional that very few opponents have been able to crack his game.

As in Indian culture, Chinese culture also discourages the use of left hand for writing and eating. Although Lin Dan is left-handed, he writes with his right and plays with his left hand.

Another amazing left-handed player is Marin, who plays one of the finest badminton games and ranks top among the best. She catches attention of the fans with her aggressive attitude which many a times intimidates opponents. We have seen her aggressive play when she defeated PV Sindhu at 2016 Rio Olympics. At the same time we also cheer her during the Premier Badminton League when she is playing for Indian teams. Apparently, she is more popular in India than in Spain.


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In Cricket, Who else than Dada?!?! Sourav “Brutal Elegance” Ganguly. Yuvi will be following him though.

Among others, Not left hander, But, Left Footer, Diego Maradona! I don’t know if a more loved or more feared athlete was ever born. (Some more left Footers - Pele, Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Ferenc Puskás)

My Fav left handed sportwoman - Martina Navratilova.

Some of other notable lefties I know of Rod Laver, Joe Frazier, Rafa, Connors, De La Hoya, Ruud Gullit etc.