Manchester United's Paris miracle should decide Solskjaer's future


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team pulled off one of the most incredible comebacks last night. Should the former Red Devils striker get the job permanently now?

He has done very well to make the most of his resources so far and the players seem to be playing with belief and enjoying themselves right now. What more could you ask for!


A magical performance from the Red Devils to crush PSG’s dreams to win the European cup at their own home turf. To step forward under those circumstances where United were trailing 2-0 at the start and to play without Pogba, it certainly was a miracle to witness.
Coming to Ole Gunnar being appointed as a full time ManU manager, he definitely should be given a contract extension. Well, the stats clearly speak for themselves. He’s got United to a very comfortable position to qualify for the next Championship league which looked a complete doubt during Jose Mourinho’s tenure. He’s balanced the team, believed in his young talents and shown an example for ‘never mission impossible’. After all, being a United legend and a part of the historic Treble that the Red Devils won, he deserves his spot.


There were many important players not playing like Jesse Lingard, Alexis Sanchez, Anthony Martial, Ander Herrera and Juan Mata. Also Mason Greenwood, a debutant played for Man Utd. I think they did a great job with most of their good players missing. If Ole Gunnar can pull off with this combination, then he is the Man!


Completely agree. United have a good squad and if they can add a couple of key players in the summer, Solskjaer could really take them to the next level.


Agreed. Ole clearly gets the club and his no nonsense approach has been a hit with the players. No reason to look elsewhere now.


He is very, very close to deal.
By some accounts, he has already been given the job, but the club are delaying the announcement until a spot in the top four is confirmed in Premier League. He is backing the youth team from the academy. He was the youth team manager.Manchester United fans are behind him because of the fact the way team is playing football the way united used to play in Ferguson time.

So we will wait and see…


Solskjaer has been tremendous since taking over as caretaker of Manchester United. He is still undefeated in Premier League. And only defeat he faced since his arrival at Manchester United was against PSG in Champions league . Yes he may get a permanent deal as a manager of Manchester United.


Letting Mourinho go is the best thing that happened to United in a while. I wouldn’t expect Solskjaer to change everything on his first day. But I would expect he can bring a positive environment since he knows well about the club and played long enough under SAF.

Solskjaer also had a bad record of having his team Cardiff City F.C. getting relegated but the quality of players he has at United is much much better than what he had and he can really do wonders if he can get the best out of Pogba, Lingard, Rashford etc.


It is important to get someone in who can relate to the fans and knows what United is all about. Solskjaer certainly fits the bill.