Liverpool FC - Transfer Rumours, Latest News and Discussions Thread


1.2 wins in club world cup for sure.
2. The game against Aston Villa on 17th would prove difficult to win as the senior team would have travelled for the club world cup. So a defeat in that game.
3. Brighton, Watford and Everton both are home games so easy wins.
4. Salzburg (This is the game which will show their main character. A loss or draw and they might get knocked out of champions league) Verdict: No comments
5. They will either draw or lose against Leicester
6. Easy win against Wolves.

Therefore 7 easy wins, 1 loss, 1 draw and no verdict for the champions league game


Yes, crucial match against Salzburg. Salzburg are Austrian top flight and are unbeaten this season in domestic league.

For Liverpool -
A draw against Salzburg is enough to progress to next round.
If they lose and Napoli beats Genk, then Liverpool will be out of UCL. The Reds would then need to rely on Napoli loss.


This game would define the character of Liverpool. I want to see Salzburg giving their 100% in this game. Would be interesting to see how Liverpool perform under pressure. They have a habit of bottling up when under pressure


Sadio has been nominated for the PFA PL Player of the Month award for November :red_circle:


:red_circle:TEAM NEWS :red_circle:
The Reds to face Brighton.


GET IN REDS!! :red_circle:


14 games down, 24 to go…


Still waiting for the period where Liverpool will bottle it up


@Anubhav1- What makes you think they will bottle it up?


Their history… That’s it…


Well in, Reds :raised_hands: :red_circle:

Virgil van Dijk (2nd)
Sadio Mane (4th)
Mohamed Salah (5th)
Alisson Becker (7th)
Roberto Firmino (17th)
Trent Alexander-Arnold (19th)
Gini Wijnaldum (26th)


He may not have won the BallondOr, but what a year it’s been for Virgil van Dijk💪


This stats as a defender is outstanding


Virgil Van Dijk missed out on the Ballon D’or by 7 votes…:angry:


It’s that time of the week again… matchday!


Sadio Mane and MoSalah have been named in the 10-man shortlist for the CAF Awards 2019 :clap::clap:


Liverpool won 5-2 against Everton in a thrilling Merseyside derby to retain their 8 point lead in the PL title race.



The game against Everton was one of the most one-sided derby I have seen in a long time.Liverpool completely dominated the game.


Sadio Mane is our most important player now.

Do you agree?