2019 Cricket World Cup Memes Thread - Post the best of WC memes here!


Wait. What? :joy:




Leader of the Point table right now is…

Yes, You guessed ot right!


Interesting facts :

Kashmiri Pulao mein Kashmir nahi hota!

Mysore Pak mein Mysore nahi hota!

Cricket World Cup mein Cricket nahi hota!




Epic, Unforgettable moment for whoever witnessed it!

With Navjot Singh Sidhu’s fighting 93 and boosted by Ajay Jadeja’s ballistic 25-ball 45 India had reached a storng 286. Saeed and Aamir had given a bombastic start to Pak, Aamir was striking the ball well, Pak was going strong. Then, This Happened. Charged up Prasad sent home Ijaz & Inzy in next few overs and the game definitively turned. India went on to complete very famous and popular win! Aamir was winning the battle for Pak, But lost the battle with his temper and eventually the match.


Sunday looking a bit like this. :rofl:


16 June ko chahe jo ho jaye…

Match aise bhi khelna pade to bhi hona chahiye


Sunny morning in Manchester. Fans be like


Khelo dimaag se :joy::ok_hand:


:joy: Jai aur Veeru! :ok_hand::smile:






Eng at Cricket World Cup 2019! :smile::smile::smile: