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:boxing_glove: Muhammad Ali --The Boxing Legend (9)
:racing_car: Forever immortalized in F1 history. Niki Lauda, The man who made the greatest comeback ever (10)
:field_hockey: Dhyan Chand - The Wizard of Hockey (6)
Meet Rupa Singh : First Indian Female Jockey (2)
:horse_racing: Diane Crump: First Female Professional Jockey and Pioneer in Horse Racing (3)
Sarah Outen - A British Athlete and Adventurer : London2London: Via the World (4)
:men_wrestling: Ajay Thakur - Captain of Indian Kabaddi Team and One of the Best Raiders in Pro Kabaddi League! (3)
:racing_car: Michael Schumacher - The Greatest Formula One Driver of all Time (5)
:badminton: Datuk Lee Chong Wei - The Champion & National Hero in Malaysian Sports (2)
:cricket_bat_and_ball: Viv Richards - The Greatest ODI Batsman Of all Time! (5)
:cricket_bat_and_ball: The Most Revered Figure in the Cricketing World - Sir Don Bradman (5)
:cricket_bat_and_ball: The man who changed Indian cricket forever - Kapil Dev (4)
:mountain_biking_man: Eddy Merckx - An Iconic Figure in the World of Cycle Racing! (3)
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Margaret Court - 64 Grand Slam Champion - A record unbeaten! (5)
:tennis: Billie Jean King - A Tennis Champion and Activist (4)
M J Gopalan - A rare Indian Double International (2)
:running_woman: P. T. Usha - Queen of Indian Track and Field (2)
Can a Paralympian out pace an Olympian? (2)
:tennis: Tennis Great Rod Laver (3)
:martial_arts_uniform: Bruce Lee - The Most Influential Martial Artist of all Time! (5)
:running_woman: Mary D'Souza Sequeira - A Pioneer Indian Female Olympian (3)
:running_woman: Kathrine Switzer - First Woman to Run Marathon (4)
:cricket_bat_and_ball: CK Nayudu - Father of Indian Cricket! (3)
:swimming_man: Michael Phelps - The Greatest Swimmer and most decorated Olympian of all Time! (5)
:soccer: Lily Parr - Pioneer in Women's Football! (3)
:soccer: Pele - The King Of Football! (3)
:cricket_bat_and_ball: Anjum Chopra - Face of Women's Cricket in India! (2)
:biking_woman: Annie Cohen Kopchovsky - First woman to bicycle around the world! (2)
:basketball: Michael Jordan - The Greatest Basketball Player of all Time! (3)