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Cycling New to cycling? Want some advice? Start here. Running Lead a topic or contribute towards running related discussions while motivating more people to take up running for better health &amp; fitness. Golf Athletics Tennis Hockey Lead a topic or contribute towards hockey related discussions while motivating more people to take up hockey to revive the popularity of this sport. IPL 2019 - Match Discussions Football Transfers Cricket IPL Fantasy 2019 Football In football / soccer, rivalries tend to be passionate and nasty, influenced by teams and geography. One of the historic clash is between FCB and Real Madrid, where this rivalry tends to stir eternal debates about who is the best and the fans of each will fervently back their own. Motor Sports Cricket World Cup 2019 The 12th edition of the <strong><a href="https://blog.xploresports.com/icc-world-cup-2019-teams-predictions-cricket-squad/">ICC Cricket World Cup</a></strong> is slated to be played from <strong>May 30 to July 14 2019 in England and Wales</strong> , and the 10 participating teams will have a busy time in the build-up before they stake claim to the most coveted title in the world of cricket. What makes this World Cup more exciting is the slight change in its format. ICC has opted to follow the <strong>round-robin format</strong> which ensures each team playing against the rest at least once to prove and find themselves a spot in the <em><strong>Knockout stage</strong></em> .
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